We support Haitian women and children by bringing clean water to their homes.

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Why we help

Women and children walk 2-4 hours one way to get a 5 gallon bucket of water out of a pond like this everyday of their lives. Putting a rain catchers on the side of their house gives their lives back.

How we help

We install a water collection system on the side of Haitian houses. This system is made out of tin, metal strapping, and standard PVC plumbing parts. Also included is a 3 step filter system that captures any sediment that may fall through.

Where we help

The Plateau of Seguin is a beautiful agricultural area about 20 miles due south of Port-au-Prince. The compound we work from is centrally located between the cities of Belle Anse and Grand Bois where we also install rain catchers.

Give generously to support Haitian Women and Children

By donating, you're helping put a water collection system on the side of a home in Haiti. These systems collect 1.6 liters of water per minute and give hope to women and children in Haiti.

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